“For Whales’ Sake” & “Sea Green”

Conservation articles by Jackie Hildering

Humpback SPLASH- November 2009

Grandmother Whale (A30) - September 2009

Humpback Comeback - July 2009

Sea Green - April 2009

Empowerment; “Yes we can” - January 2009

Green giving - November 2008. Gift ideas:









Without Salmon - October 2008. Also see “Salmon News” & “Concerns”

Death by Plastic - August 2008

Humpback SPLASH - July 2008

Water, Water (Canada’s waterways under threat) - June 2008

More information re. water awareness and action.

The Bight (Update on Robson Bight and the spill) - May 2008

Green vs. Red? (Environmental Attitudes) - March 2008

Grandmother Whale (A30) - January 2008

Save Our Salmon - December 2007

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Spilt Whales (diesel spill in Robson Bight) - October 2007

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Sixgill Shark - September 2007

    COSEWIC report on the threats to the bluntnose sixgill shark 

Ecological Footprint - August 2007

    Reduce your footprint!

One Whale - “T2” - July 2007

Ode to the Oceans - June 2007

Bad, Bad Batteries- May 2007

  1. Electronic Recycling Association - CANADA

  2. Why battery recycling is important 

  3. Recycling Council of British Columbia

  4. Nanaimo Recycling Exchange

  5. Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation 

  6. Lesson plan from the Call2Recycle programme, includes everything from the history of batteries to why they should be recycled.

  7. Health impacts of nickel, cadmium lead mercury and  copper

  8. Reports from the Canadian Household Battery Association 

Earth Day - April 2007

  1. Earth Day Canada 

  2. Eco-Action

  3. History of Earth Day

Electronic Waste - March 2007

  1.     E-waste information and solutions from the David Suzuki Foundation

  2.   Composition of a Desktop Personal Computer

  3.     The repercussions of sending e-waste overseas and to landfills.

  4.     Article “Old PCs Toxic in Landfill Sites” 

Climate Change - February 2007

New Scientist's article "Climate Change:  a Guide for the Perplexed" which debunks 26 of the "this isn't climate change" myths. 



Greenhouse gas calculator

FLICK OFF Global Warming.

Living in Paradise - January 2007

Wild Killer Whale Adoption Programme - December 2007

Brominated Fire Retardants - November 2007



Photo: J. Hildering