"Salmonids in the Classroom"


Salmon in the Classroom Primary lesson plans 

Salmon in the Classroom Intermediate lesson plans

“Streamkeepers” Resources


Further salmon related lesson plans and classroom activities

SalmonWILD - Great salmon resource from the Young Naturalist Club of BC.

Live incubation camera with background information, lesson plans and activities  e.g. good background on salmon lifecycle with questions for grades 5

Procedures manual, curriculum links, field studies

Salmon reference pages

  1. Interactive on-line storybook about salmon - “The Magical Thread”.

  2. Excellent all around resource from the Pacific Salmon Foundation; includes lifecycle; differences in species; the possibility to ask questions of "Professor Salmon" and post contributions. 

  3. - Vancouver Aquarium’s good background facts  

  4. - DFO salmon species identification

  5. - allows assessment of individual lifestyles’ impacts to salmon (may need to cut and paste link into browser).

  6. - amazing photos of freshwater invertebrates, food for salmon!  

  7. - Life history information about Pacific Salmon and other anadromous (salt and fresh water stages of their life cycle) fish of the Pacific. - Salmon lifecycle

  8. - good background information re. Threats and violations.  The site is updated weekly with news, case studies and action alerts

Related to Salmon Dissection

  1.     Learn about the parts of a fish

  2.     Label the external anatomy of a fish 

  3.     Dissect your own salmon 

  4.     Label the human skeleton:  

  5.     Virtual Human Body - Explore this site and play the "build the skeleton" game


Resource lists

  1. list of DFO BCTF approved teaching resources related to the Salmon in the Classroom programme. Scroll to bottom of page.

  2. List from “Homeschool Share” - includes laptop reads


Interactive salmon games

 Salmon colouring sheets - Pacific Salmon Foundation’s kids' page with really good colouring sheets - good colouring sheet for Salmon lifecycle - good primary level activities such as mazes and colouring sheets - salmon lifecycle colouring sheet - colouring sheets


Stewardship -Streamkeepers resources - Storm drain marking programme, materials for this programme available through the education coordinator

Story Books

•McAllister, Ian & Read, Nicholas; The Salmon Bears - Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest

  •    Coho learns to jump (Beware, annoying music on this site)

•Waterton, Betty & Blades, Ann; A Salmon for Simon ISBN 0-88899-276-9


•Suzuki, David & Ellis, Sarah; Salmon Forest ISBN 1550549375 review

•LeBox, Annette & Reczuch, Karen; Salmon Creek; A Groundwood Book ISBN 0-88899-644-6;

•Chief James Wallas as told to Pamela Whitaker; Kwakiutl Legends; ISBN 0-88839-230-3; several salmon related stories 

•Phleger, Fred; Red Tag Comes Back. Ages 5-9.  Older book (1961) so more difficult to find.  “Aku, an Indian boy, names one of the baby salmon in the river Red Tag. Soon Red Tag was big enough to start her journey to the sea. The story depicts the life cycle of the salmon. Eventually Red Tag comes homes to lay her eggs and Aku recognizes her”. ISBN-10: 0060247061; ISBN-13: 9780060247065


  1. "Birth of a Salmon" (6 min) - 

  2.  "A Last Wild Salmon"( 50 min) -


Photo: J. Hildering